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Smart TV future trends: bigger, thinner and smarter

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Based on the innovations proposed by companies such as Samsung, LG and Sony, the future of television will not only be a display device with Internet connectivity, but will also be a bigger, lighter, colorful, variable and, above all, Integrated entrance for smart home.
At CES Las Vegas, the most compelling innovation is Samsung's giant screen TV - The Wall, this up to 3.71 meters of the TV wall by a number of television modules, using Micro LED from LED display technology, and the traditional LCD TV backlight and color filter is different, Micro LED can be addressed for each pixel control and can be driven by a single point of light.
Although 4K television (3840 x 2,160 pixels) is beginning to gain popularity among families around the world, exhibitors in Las Vegas have long been focused on cutting-edge developments - 8K resolution (7680 × 4320) pixels.
Samsung, LG, TCL and other electronics manufacturers have begun offering 8K resolution screens. And major manufacturers have also come up with the features of the TV features in order to achieve differentiated competition.
For example, although some channels are not even starting to play 1080P even now, Samsung is relying on its Artificial Intelligence technology for smart upgrades that convert any picture to HD resolution. And LG is relying on artificial intelligence technology to enter the next generation of TV sets, the company's new ThinQ platform allows TV sets and other home appliances to identify the user's habits in order to recommend better programs.
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