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Intelligent speaker hot technology Aspect deficiencies

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"When the vinyl album encountered intelligent speaker" "Chinese New Year gift smart home speaker" ... ... Recently, both in the store or shop, everywhere you can see a similar message. Thus, smart speaker how hot.
"Buy a good set of audio home" - was once a lot of Foshan family plans before the Spring Festival. Foshan has had several well-known streets dedicated to the sale of audio products. The year-end business was particularly hot. However, in recent ten years, with the rise of various types of electronic devices, the home audio market has become sluggish. These audio-visual streets have basically disappeared. But in the recent two years, with the emergence of smart speakers, smartphones purchased before the Spring Festival have also been included in many home-owned annual bills. Intelligent audio prices from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, then, hundreds of dollars dozens of AI sound boxes fly it?
In addition, many families have bought a big TV but are not satisfied with their own system, so intend to buy a TV box to watch a richer program. Related staff reminded buy TV box do not be configured Fudge, resources and control experience is more important.
Text / map Guangzhou Daily All media reporter Li Chun first
Smart Speaker: many popular brands in the market
Smart speaker market is very hot in the past two years. According to Orville cloud data show that in 2017 AI speakers accounted for more than 80%. The popularity of the market has attracted large and small technology companies have entered the field of intelligent speakers. Not only Google, Apple, Microsoft and other technology companies to launch their own smart speaker products, domestic Internet companies Ali, millet, also has released a smart speaker.
In the Foshan appliance store, now have opened a special area of ​​intelligent electronic products. Suning Temple in Foshan, the first floor of the store, you can see a lot of compact, cute shape of the smart speaker products, and some were cylindrical, and some small square-shaped, and some looks like a piece of cake suspended , And even a miniature Chlorophytum toy ... "No matter how the function, these smart speakers with different shapes are placed in the house when the decorations are not bad!" A female customer sighs while appreciating.
A speaker suspended in the base looks cool, attracting a family of three here to watch. Staff introduced that this is a 5D super-gravitational magnetic Bluetooth speaker, which is based on the maglev technology cool Bluetooth speakers, close to the general public on the suspension, take off and landing platform to imitate the UFO, the shape looks like the UFO "Skywalker" Scene reproduction, light appearance is very sense of science and technology. The floating design avoids the problems of displacement, sound loss and resonance caused by the structure of the sound cavity being placed inside the whole body due to the structure of the sound cavity, so as to achieve the zero-resonance lossless sound quality.
Foshan Guomei market related personnel, in fact smart speaker is not hot in 2017, as early as November 2014, Amazon introduced smart speaker Echo, the intelligent voice technology into the traditional speaker, built-in "Alexa", you can And people interact with voice, but also play music, read e-books, online shopping, take-out and so on. This smart speaker not only redefines the speakers, but also leads the smart speaker shape.
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