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China's future development of artificial intelligence ten applications

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Megatrends and Backgrounds: Strategic Situations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has become the new focus of international competition. Artificial intelligence is the strategic technology that leads the future. The major developed countries in the world regard the development of artificial intelligence as a major strategy to enhance their national competitiveness and safeguard their national security.
The rapid development of artificial intelligence will profoundly change the social life of mankind and change the world. In order to seize the major strategic opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, construct the first mover advantage of artificial intelligence development in our country and accelerate the building of an innovative country and world's scientific and technological power. Under the background of this era, the Central Party Committee and the State Council have formulated "new Generation of artificial intelligence development plan. "
China's development of artificial intelligence has a good foundation. The state has deployed key special projects of state key R & D programs such as smart manufacturing and printed and implemented the implementation plan of "Internet +" artificial intelligence for three years. After many years of continuous accumulation, China has made significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence. The number of published international scientific papers and invention patents has ranked second in the world. Important breakthroughs have been achieved in some key core technologies in some fields.
By 2025, the basic theory of artificial intelligence has made a major breakthrough. Artificial intelligence has become the main driving force for promoting industrial upgrading and economic restructuring in our country. Positive progress has been made in building a smart society.
Artificial Intelligence Basic Theory Frontier Scientific Research
Big data intelligence theory Research on data-driven and knowledge-guided new artificial intelligence method, natural language understanding and image graphics as the core of cognitive computing theory and method, integrated in-depth reasoning and creative artificial intelligence theory and method, incomplete information under the basic theory of intelligent decision-making And framework, data-driven general artificial intelligence mathematical model and theory.
2. Cross-media perception computing theory. To study perception acquisition beyond human visual capabilities, active visual perception and computation for the real world, auditory perception and calculation of natural acoustic scenes, speech perception and computation in natural interaction environments.
Several Developing Directions of China Artificial Intelligence Industry
Artificial intelligence has become the new engine of economic development. As a core driver of the new round of industrial transformation, artificial intelligence will further release the tremendous energy accumulated by scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes and create new demands for intelligence in all fields from the macro to the micro-level, and give birth to new technologies, new products, new industries, New formats and new models, triggering major changes in the economic structure and achieving an overall leap in social productivity.
At present, artificial intelligence has gradually entered the industrialization phase. The development of artificial intelligence technology is moving from the academic-driven laboratory phase to the industrialization phase jointly promoted by academia and industry. Its development direction is:
1. Intelligent manufacturing. 2. Intelligent agriculture. 3 smart logistics. Smart Finance 5 smart business. 6 smart home. 7. Intelligent education. 8 smart robot. 9. Smart delivery vehicle. 10. Virtual reality and augmented reality.
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