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Smart fresh air system, LED campus intelligent lighting system, healthy drinking fountains

China in the 21st century is a country with rapid development of scientific and technological strength, and smart technology is increasingly emerging! With the progress of the times, the predecessor of Ningbo Xingyao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. became one of the intelligent solution providers in China in 2007 and opened the development chapter of intelligent technology.

In the ten years of hard work, we have advanced production equipment and high-tech research and development team, making us "Star Sparkle" technology with unprecedented achievements.

Today, our newly developed campus LED intelligent lighting system, intelligent fresh air system, and intelligent water purification system are gorgeously produced.

Comprehensive purpose of business development

The pursuit of excellence, science and technology to serve the country, Xing Yao technology, in the future. Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of “efficiency, excellence, service, and dedication”, Xingyao Intelligent Technology has exerted tremendous energy to accumulate. Along the strategic direction of “doing fine, strong, big, innovative, excellent, and famous”, in line with the quality policy of “create a brand with quality and serve customers with sincerity”, Xingyao Technology “creates a national brand of trees. The enterprise is a long-term vision and is always moving forward with integrity and responsibility. It sails into the sea and heads for a more magnificent future.

Quality and service

Quality first is our pursuit of truth, environmental protection and safety is our commitment to each customer, our products are strictly enforced national 3C certification and energy conservation certification.

Core competencies and advantages

Smart fresh air system, LED campus intelligent lighting system, healthy drinking fountains

The company has top-notch intelligent campus design technical team and industry consulting team. Our team has accumulated over ten years of industry experience in smart campus, smart home and so on. Provide intelligent LED lighting solutions, intelligent fresh air system solutions, intelligent water purification solutions, calligraphy classroom solutions, create customer solutions.

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